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You Will Love This Bed Liner To Pieces!

In an effort to protect each and every nook and crevice of your trucks bed, Dual Liner Bed Liners has developed an exact fit multi panel design that is molded to the precise contour of each year, make, model, and bed length of truck.

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The 5 Piece Bed Liner Is Real Truck Protection!

Dual Liner’s 5 piece cutting edge design is the future of bed liners, here today. Dual Liner took all of the best features of the drop in and spray on bed liners and eliminated all of the common bed liner draw backs to bring you the best in truck bed protection. If you are looking for a bed liner for your new pick up, look no further, Dual Liner is the best bed liner out today. Dual Liner’s 5 piece design insures a tight fit. Dual Liner’s 4 hard custom molded side pieces bolt into the bed of your truck utilizing the factory hardware and the existing truck bed tie downs. The “Perfect” fit of the Dual Liner will keep your truck’s bed paint intact and wear free for the life of your truck. This is not like the damaging drop in bed liners of yesteryear.

The patented design of the Zero Skid rubber mat is really what sets the Dual Liner Bed Liner apart from it’s competition.

The mat is 3/8 of an inch thick and keeps your cargo in place. Your cargo sliding will surely lead to your cargo being damaged, that WILL NOT happen with the Dual Liner Real Truck bed protection system. The Dual Liner is compatible with most Tonneau Covers – hard, soft and roll-ups and is guaranteed for life. No chalking or fading here, Dual Liner is made with UV treated super hard plastic that will look good for years to come.

Do It Yourself Bed Liner Installs In Less Than 30 Minutes!

We call Dual Liner a “Do It Yourself” bed liner because it is installed by you. It is truly easy enough for anyone to install on their own in less than 30 minutes. Take a look at the Dual Liner Installation Video, it really is simple. No special tools needed for installation and your valuable time will not be wasted. The interlocking design of the zero skid rubber mat makes it easy to pull out at any time to clean out the truck bed after a dirty haul. The mat was designed with cleats located on the bottom side. This keeps the Zero Skid Mat from laying directly on your trucks finish, which eliminates any potential of trapping water. Water will drain freely out of the factory designed drain holes, just like the factory intended.

The pieces of the Dual Liner are each very easy to handle. The individual pieces interlock together which provides total protection. Each piece is molded to the exact contour of the specific location that it protects. These are just a few reasons why I am sure that “You Will Love The Dual Liner Bed Liner To Pieces!”

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